About StreamingData.io

The missing manual for real-time analytics and streaming data systems.

Site Principles:

  1. Quality over Quantity. It is better to spend 50 hours on one article than 1 hour on 50.
  2. Writing is maintained like code. Technology changes fast. An obsolete or outdated article can be worse than no article at all.
  3. Reduce conflicts of interest. We use editorial guidance, transparency, and clear labelling of reference material vs opinionated posts to build trust with our readers.
  4. Editing that is thorough, not tedious. - We move basic style editing to a linter, so the review process can focus more on the higher-level goal of finding the best way to communicate an idea.
  5. Free and Open Access Forever - We use the Creative Commons Attribution license. Content and code are public in GitHub.
  6. Pay authors, editors, illustrators - Good work takes time. Time is money!
  7. Funded by Companies who share these principles - We need a way to pay contributors. We think that taking funding from like-minded companies who are on-board with these principles is better than using display advertising, paywalls or premium services that create conflicts of interest.

Publishing Process:

  1. Create an outline. Cover the elevator pitch and structure of the article.
  2. Get outline feedback. We’ll find someone with hands-on experience in your topic and get a green light or feedback.
  3. Green Light! We agree on a rate and sign a contract guaranteeing payment upon publish.
  4. Bot Review - Use a bot or our linter to catch style corrections.
  5. Editor Review - An editor will give you one-on-one feedback and request any edits or revisions.
  6. Technical Review - If needed, a tech reviewer will vet code snippets and technical instructions.
  7. Publish - Author and Editor get paid!
  8. Maintenance - Anyone can open issues or pull requests on articles. The original author and editor are not required to respond but can do so if they want.
  9. Deprecation - If an article is determined to be completely obsolete, we deprecate it and add a note.


  • Authors: Authors are paid $250 to $1000 based on the complexity of the article.
  • Editors: Editors are paid $100 to $400
  • Illustrators: Illustrators are paid $50 to $400 based on the illustration needs.
  • Maintainers: We don’t yet have a model for smaller maintenance. If an article needs a complete re-write, we pay above author rates.


  • If I publish an article, am I on the hook for maintaining it? - No, we allocate resources to article maintenance.
  • What happens if my article gets edited to the point where I no longer want attribution? - Hopefully we maintain a level of quality where this never occurs, but if for any reason an author wants to remove their name from the article page, we are happy to do so.

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